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Everybody I know in California are posting pictures of their adorable brood off to their first day of school.  Well since we have decided to homeschool, it feels weird to be left out.  In fact, I’m already freaking out that we are far behind because we have chosen to not start school until early September.

But it got me thinking about this venture into homeschooling.  Earlier this summer Music Man and I decided to go to our local homeschooling convention.

Music Man and I realized that this weekend was the first weekend EVER that we were sans kids.  The only other time we had been away from our kids overnight was when we would be in the hospital having another baby.  Which in my book does NOT count as a vacation.  So what do we decide to do for our first getaway?  Apparently go to a homeschool convention.

Yes, yes we are nerds, why do you ask?


So many people warned us that it would be hectic, overwhelming and crazy.  They were right.  But it was held at the Disneyland Convention Center, so it was also EPIC.


We decided to take the discounted rate and stay at one of the most expensive coolest hotels I’ve ever stayed at.  All the details were so charming.



Even the bathroom light was adorable.


The headboard lit up with fireworks!  Amazing!



This was the view right outside our window.  Couldn’t get any better.  Do you see that?  Even the pool is shaped like Mickey.

OH Thats right!  We were there to STUDY.  Not to PLAY.

So we begrudgingly went to the conference and were we were delighted to encounter people dressed in bonnets and prairie dresses.


I tried to be sneaky but wasn’t always successful.  I got a few eye daggers when I accidentally let my gaze stay for too long on throwback apparel.  I mean waaaaay throwback.


Here we are being studious students on day one of the convention.


This guy that you can barely see was the headliner main guest speaker, none other than Mike Seaver!  Ok, so now he is dad of 6 who also homeschools.  He goes by his real name of Kirk Cameron.  And if the crowd was any indication, he had quite a few of us mommas swooning back in the day.  (Oh who am I kidding?  We were all frantic teenagers trapped in momma-muffin-topped-bodies.  We all wanted a piece of the heart throb pie.  Chomp!)

He was fantastic and funny.  ALL of the guest speakers throughout the weekend were surprisingly smart and witty and kept me and Music Man engaged the entire time.  This was no small feat.

Because if you thought we were model students the entire time, you obviously don’t know me at all.  😉  We relied on our zero sleep routine to get us through the fun.  By day we went to every speaker workshop that interested us, and by night we trolled the House of Mouse.  It was awesome.  Exhausting, sure sure, but a total blast.



They redid Big Thunder Mountain and it has quickly become one of my favorite rides at the park.



Here we are again on BTM and this time my cousin/brother and his wife are photo bombing us.  Awesome.   I think we rode this ride 583,039 times.  Worth it.


Here’s my pony tail flying in the face of cool hand Luke, aka my husband, on the much-needed Splash Mountain.  It was nearing the temperature of the sun that day.  Totally worth it.

So besides getting a huge shot in the arm of “YOU CAN DO THIS!” and “YOU WON’T SCREW UP YOUR KID!” at the convention, it was actually really fun and informative.  I’ll definitely be going again.

*apologies for my over use of selfies.  That’s what you do when you don’t have your children to take pictures of.  You re-claim yourself as the subject matter in pictures.  Who knew I was so obsessed with my camera phone???*


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