Breast feeding musings

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Life with a newborn is a crazy ride.  Now add in 4 more children and sometimes you want to jump out of the ride yelling “aaaahhhhh let me outta here!!!”

One of those things for me is breast feeding.  Many mothers talk about the closeness and bonding that happens with nursing their infant.  Sure.  That happens.  What also happens when you have a mini crowd trying to get a glimpse at the precious royal one?  You get overly eager tiny eyes all up in your breast feeding business.  For this modest momma, three’s a crowd, er make that five’s a crowd.  But it does make for some funny conversations about a totally natural thing (even if it makes me uncomfortable).  Here are a few conversation tid bits from the nursing couch.

“What is she doing?  NO.  Mommy, what is she doing??” said very emphatically.

“Can I see?”

*blink blink*  (Um, I really am not comfortable with this….)  “Uhhhh, what’s that over there???”

And here was a lovely bedtime conversation

Where is she sucking from?”

Why oh why does she have to be so persistent in the quest for knowledge?!

“From mommy’s body”

[contemplative pause]  “From your nibbles?”  (not a typo.  that’s how she says it.  I will actually be sad when she starts saying it correctly)

“Yes. (getting totally uneasy for me)  Remember the newborn puppies at the farm?  Remember the momma feeding her babies from her belly?  Its kind of like that.”

“But [our baby] doesn’t suck on your belly.  She sucks on your nibbles” (and then proceeds to point and touch each one)

And then she said this statement yelled quite madly I might add.

Why don’t you just squeeze yourself so I can feed her?

I pretty sure this was said out of love, but o.m.g.

I’ve been seeking out ways to nurse her out of their presence and explaining that she needs privacy.  Or perhaps momma does.

*** Yes I realize that this is a totally normal and natural life cycle and it is exactly the way God intended it, which is why I do it.  However, I’m an American who grew up a formula baby and my very own grandmother responded “Your t*ts are going to hell” when I mentioned that I would be breast feeding my babies.  So perhaps I’m a by product of overprotection/breast rejection/media induced vanity mentality.  Honestly it’s a wonder I do it at all.  But thank goodness I do, otherwise I’d miss out on all the glorious comedic responses.



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