Canning Corn

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As summer is coming to a close so are our crops in our garden.  Which means its canning time.  First up was cucumbers (which we canned into a huge pile of pickles).  Next veggie up on the chopping block (literally)… Corn!

We were so lucky to have a wonderful little helper…



First we cleaned the corn, then cooked up it up for 3 minutes


Yes, Little Rascal that IS a bunch of corn!  My mouth is agape with surprise too.


Then after its been cooked and then bathed in a cold bath (to stop the cooking process), Grandma cut it off the cob.  Good trick of the trade is place that corn cob on an upside down small bowl inside a larger bowl (as seen above).  Works like a charm.


Last step is to put them in a freezer sealed bag.  We bunched ours in 5 cup increments.  This way everything is even steven.  I believe we bagged about 50 pounds.

Honestly I can’t believe that my mother and father in law are smiling because this whole canning process is a lot of work!  Thank goodness they are supremely good sports and willing to help us with our insane country adventure.


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