Children’s Hunger Fund field trip

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Recently my baby girl and I participated in a field trip.  This field trip was more than your average learning experience.  This was our first venture into volunteering or more appropriately caled, serving.  Really, is there any other more important life lesson that we can teach our children?

We drove to a nearby city to do what we could for a great christian organization called Children’s Hunger Fun (CHF).  Their ministry is to package dried fruit, rice, or other non perishables to those countries in need.  For this go around we were packaging dried fruit for children in Haiti, whose lives have been destroyed by an earthquake, and Liberia, for those infected or trying to fight Ebola.

What none of us knew ahead of time was that a camera crew would be with us to film for their noon day humanities story.  Miss Ariel can be seen for just a moment, but mostly you hear her screaming due to all the fun she was having.  Did she help?  YES.  Did she get distracted?  YES.  Was she excited to help other boys and girls who needed assistance?  YES.  Was she exhausted by the end of the day?  YES.

Here is the clip that made it on to the local news.  (sorry my host site won’t currently let me load a video)

Compassion.  Empathy.  Kindness.  Service.  Selflessness.  All of these character traits are taught and must be cultivated.  Some people are naturally gifted in this way, but ultimately we are all sinners who are selfish and unkind.  It takes discipline, faith, and a heart for the Lord to love others.  It is wonderful to be able to take the time to work this muscle alongside my sweet baby.

If we were to do just one field trip this year.  This would be it.

There is nothing greater than to Love God and then in turn love others just as Christ loved us.


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