Country Fair (part 2)

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After all of the animal festivities at the fair, I discover that there is a karaoke contest in a couple of days.  I thought….. Ooooooh I am so tempted!  Well that temptation turned into “Heck yah I’m doing it!”.  After several attempts at obtaining a babysitter for the day, we finally snagged one and were off on our way back to the fair with my game face on.

Karaoke (said ‘car(e)- OOH- key’ if your midwestern) is a funny business.  It attracts quite a wide birth of characters.  This small town gathering was no exception.

First of all, the karaoke contest was open to children as well.  This can be cringe worthy or eye opening.  I believe we had both.  One young girl, I’m guessing to be 8 or 9, came out in belly baring tank top.  It wasn’t meant to be trashy looking.  Her top just up and decided that it would no longer stretch as far as it needed to because that was entirely way to much work.  This child decided to sing “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry.  Um, hello super inappropriate!  Am I just getting old?  Out of touch?  Too ‘religious?’  I don’t know, but whatever you may think, I wouldn’t want my son or daughter to be singing such a sexualized song no matter what the orientation is.

Anyhoo…. getting off my momma bear rant….  Next was a 12 year old baby face boy who sang ‘Blown Away’ by Carrie Underwood.  Holy fair cow did he knock it out of the park!  I was geniuenly impressed.  I wish I was that confident and talented at his age.  I was still shaking and singing in the dark to hide from everybody when I was 12.  There was also the very thin 14 year old girl singing a sultry Adele song.  Her momma was standing off to the side and I could practically feel her yelling “come on baby you can do it!” insider her head.  She won for the kids.

Now onto the adults.

First up is a paunchy middle aged man wearing a Mr. Wrangler shirt with a belt buckle the size of an acorn squash.  At the finish of his country song, he flung his cowboy hat into the sparse audience.  It took every ounce of self control not to bust a gut laughing.  After his song, he changed into a more comfy shirt and shorts.  It was then that I noticed his full duffle bag beside him.  For the finals I wasn’t surprised to see yet another costume change; a red cowboy shirt with an American flag embroidered on the front pocket.  I wish he had prepared his singing as much as he did in his wardrobe because he’d be taken home the grand prize baby!  But alas, it was not meant to be.

Next in the character line up was the hawaiian flowered shirt with sunglasses on guy singing “Pretty Woman” who announced often at how much karaoke he did.  Of course you do…..

The surprise for me was the bright orange hoodie post graduate guy who screamed into the mic some System of a Down song.  Couldn’t understand a word he yelled, but just worried about how red in the face he was getting.  Breathe man breathe!

His girlfriend jumped up on stage after him and beautifully sang some alto song that I can’t remember.  She would have given me a run for my money if she had bothered to stick around for the finals.  Oh well.

Then there were the twins/friends who sang a basic melody song that I didn’t recognize.  Sweet sounding but nothing memorable.

I should mention that I donned a basic black shirt and my most bedazzled jeans I owned.  Your basic jazzed up country girl get up.  I fit right it.

All a worthwhile event I would say.  For the people watching alone it was worth it.

Oh, in case you were wondering.  I won.  I sang Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.  😉


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