Country Fair (part 3)

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A funny thing can happen when you re-enter your hometown, or in this case your home state.  You begin to recognize familiar faces.  Going to the local fair was no exception.

Country and State Fairs generally have good bands and good entertainment.  Looking at the line up of bands playing, of course Music Man recognizes not just one, but several bands that he used to play along side with.  He was never in their bands, but was often playing the same gigs with them.

We decided to get a babysitter and head on over to the night side of things at the local fair and catch up with this killer band.

At the door when they checked ID’s, the bouncer couldn’t help but notice our out-of-state licenses.

“California?!” said with indignation.

“Yup” I responded with a big of a laugh.

“You should have stayed there” said without a trace of humor as he handed me back my card.

Music Man and I head in to the sparsely attended concert and quickly found some seats.  It was still early in the evening so the crowd wasn’t yet loose enough to visibly enjoy the show.  They were politely appreciating the musicianship from the stage.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the stereotypes filling the room.

The band had its old as dirt guitar player who started the band along with some young’ns to spruce up the cool factor.  The new lead singer/lead guitar player looked like he was plucked straight off a pick up game of baseball.  Totally clean cut All-American.  The juxtaposition had me chuckling.  He didn’t lack charisma though.

I was however pleasantly surprised at the level of talent this band had.  I was digging it.


During their first 10 minute break, we decided to be brave and re-introduce ourselves.  And low and behold the lead singer recognized Music Man before we even said hello.

“You may not remember me, but…”  MM uttered.

“I can’t remember your name but I definitely remember your face!” lead guy says enthusiastically.  They shook hands like old friends, which I guess they were.  Lead singer even remembered several key facts about Music Man, like where he was going off to college, and how good of a player he was.  I was truly amazed at this guys memory.  It had been over 20 years since these 2 guys had seen each other, and they weren’t even in the same band!

After introducing me and playing a bit of catch up, we were interrupted by a guy in the crowd who just needed to have a particular song played (the band didn’t know it).  We took our cue and left for a bit.

We decided it was time to go on a culinary adventure.  This was a pig sausage on stick for me and in a bun for MM.  Disappointing I have to say.  Later we had funnel cake sticks, for me, and a bag of mini donuts for him.  Much better.



We never did go on any rides but we had fun anyway.



We came back after this short break and enjoyed another loud round of rock and roll/country music.



I have to say that exposure to this band and MM’s familiarity with them, gave me a glimpse into a parallel universe.  A “what if” adventure series book tale if you will.  (remember those?  I loved those as a kid!)   This is what our lives could have been.  My man playing gigs 20-25 nights out of the month and recording local bands during the day.  Not a bad life.

But I certainly am glad how things turned out the way they did.


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