Country Hospitality

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Last night we were invited to our dairy farming next door neighbors house for a big family dinner.  We ate their steaks and homemade ice cream, while we supplied the lobster that Music Man caught off the coast in California.  It was delicious!

I was amazed at the differences in hospitality from here on the farm to back home in the suburbs.  First of all, please come dressed comfy.  There is no dressing up needed.  I wore a t-shirt and maxi skirt and felt over dressed and wished I had just worn my casual blue jeans.  Luckily the kids knew better and had worn their farm boots (rain boots), which wasn’t really necessary since they just ran around barefoot while conversing with the sheep, cows, and brand new baby kittens.  Even wearing eye make up felt overly done.

Although the menu was high end (steak and lobster!), the dinning was anything but.  First come, first serve while the many children ran around outside playing with one another.  This practically made me stop in my tracks I was so shocked.  Wait…. so the kids don’t get served first while my food gets cold?  How can I eat while the food is warm?  Won’t the children starve to death while I guiltily savor my delicious food?  Turns out we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to do that and ate with our children, but I was able to eat it warm.  I was blessed by a teenage girl who happily took my baby to play with while I ate in relative peace.  Most kids who were under the age of 10 wound up eating after the majority of the adults.  Surprise surprise, they didn’t starve.  They enjoyed the rest of daylight while bouncing up and down on the trampoline.  Call me amazed.

We were fed delicious food, the kids played with new friends and we were welcomed like family.  This is how the country folk do hospitality.  A girl could get used to this.




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