In light of our school year beginning, I thought I’d write a few words on how this year is already different (in a good way!).  The first thing that I changed from last year is PLANNING.  Last year it was my first year teaching, and as I already said I bought a full boxed curriculum, My Father’s World.  I had blindly assumed that I could honestly ‘open and go’ as many boxed curriculum tout.  So I had it sent to our California residence and jumped right in without even looking at it beforehand.

What a mistake!

I always felt behind and that I wasn’t doing enough because I hadn’t planned ahead.  I promised myself I wouldn’t do that this year and I kept my promise.

This year I had my Sonlight curriculum sent to my Minnesota residence, along with a new set of Math U See blocks.  The rest of the things I needed to start out our year I packed in a rolling suitcase and traveled with it (and boy was it heavy!), like our Express Readers workbooks, and other paraphernalia.

Then I mapped out an entire weekend where I sent my husband and the kids to my in laws house.  Yes I forced them out of my house simply so I could plan our school year in peace!  I also invited my sweet mother in law, her sister, and my sister in law to join in the ‘no kids’ fun party.  They each brought their own fun project they were working on (i.e.: quilting and scrapbooking mostly) and we simply enjoyed each others company while having nice warm meals where we were not interrupted by crying children who needed help eating.  Basically it was the closest thing to luxury as this momma can get!

Here is a bit of what I was able to accomplish….

Sonlight binder

See this bad boy teacher’s manual?  Holy smokes its fairly large and intimidating, but once I got my hands really in it, I discovered it is not to be feared.  Its do-able.

Core A readers

Here is a week by week of books I will be reading to Miss Ariel.  We are already a week ahead on our chapter book and poems because she and Mini Man are so into it!

Core A LA readers

Here are the books she will be reading to me.  

Core A science and history

Here is my science/history/bible grouping.  Those boxes are some supplies that Sonlight provides you for your experiments.   So you provide some supplies (usually things you would already have handy around your house), and they provide less likely found items.

This was the system that they recommend and so far I’m loving it.  Mostly I’m loving feeling in control and not behind the 8 ball with school.  Every night I check off the boxes of what we have done and pull out items/books will be using for the next day.

If you get a chance I would highly recommend taking a breather from your family to get yourself situated for the school year. Remember, this is now a job.  Take it seriously!  But also, have fun.  Hey you have no kids for the weekend.  Enjoy your nice warm dinner!!!