Date night

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A couple of weeks ago Music Man and I made a plan.  We were going on a date whether it killed us.  We barely have time to sleep, let alone make time for one another.  But it truly is necessary.  Luckily for us we discovered a BOX FULL of gift cards.  We apparently had been saving them EVER SINCE WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED.  (Um, talk about hoarding.)

It was like a Christmas miracle.

We snagged an awesome last minute babysitter, and despite the hijinks that ensued that made her 45 minutes late, we were out the door.  Because of my out of control insecurities (hello 4 babies worth of pregnancy fat, I’m looking at you), I actually cried saying “I don’t want to go.  I look awful.”  Guess my kids aren’t the only ones who throw temper tantrums and are ungrateful.  My dear sweet hubby was a little frightened about his next move.  Should he say “oh no honey, your fine!” of which I would vehemently deny.  Should he give into my frustration and give up too?  Or should he just smile, nod and quietly walk out the door in fear that I’ll turn my self loathing onto him?

He was wise and stuck with me on my emotional train and politely insisted that we go on a proper date.  We tried to remember the last time when we got out of the house, sans kids, and just had an enjoyable time (not a Fundatory time mind you) with ONLY each other.  We honestly couldn’t even remember.  That’s a sad realization.  We work so hard to have an enjoyable life and are too busy working to actually enjoy it.

We felt fancy by picking an often-a-wedding-venue restaurant to have dinner.  It wasn’t in our quiet little town.  It was new surroundings and unfamiliar territory.  And it was completely free!  Thank you gift card box!

We arrived and were transported into a fancy cocoon of coupledom.  The only tables they had were 2 seaters.


*terrible picture I know*

The waiter came by our table and we began chit chatting with him and disclosed that we had 4 kids under 5 and homeschooled them.  He felt so sorry for us that the next time he came to our table he gave each of us a glass of complimentary champagne!  Guess it pays to live the life people envy…. er, I mean a life that freaks people out.  The best part?  I wasn’t pregnant!!!  Do you know what that means?  I could actually enjoy that glass and I had a glass of wine with our gourmet meal!  Amazing.

We got lost.  We laughed.  We relaxed.  We enjoyed each others company.  We ate delicious food (that I didn’t cook!).  We experienced something new together.

These are the moments.


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