Garden Party

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Many of you might be wondering how our garden is doing.  Farmer Music Man has delighted in planting his full fledged garden this year.  Back in California we don’t have enough space for a garden except for a couple of fruit trees.  Also, there are rules about where and how big you can grown them.  Don’t get me started on how much this irks me….

So one of the best things about living in Minnesota is having the ability to grow our own food.  Lately we have been noshing on our abundance of lettuce and green beans, which has been delicious.



Sometimes we put it in salads and sometimes we just eat it straight from the ground like our own personal veggie candy store.






Not too shabby.


Today however we picked our first batch of zucchini.



I can not believe how crazy huge these things are!



We should have entered these amazing giants into the local fair.  1st place trophy for sure.  Guess what we are doing next year?  Oh have I mentioned that I’m super competitive?  Watch for that blue ribbon next year people, because I’ll be bringing it home baby!


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    1. I don’t really have any recipes so if you’d like to share…. 🙂 We did have some tonight with drizzled with olive oil and parmesan cheese baked. Tasty

  1. Love these pictures!! Offspring looks like he is taking to gardening just like farmer music man. Garden is beautiful! Zucchini bread is delicious!!!!!

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