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It has already been a whirlwind since I have been here in Minnesota with all the family back together.  I traveled with #1 and #4 which turned out to be a lot better of an experience than I was expecting.  Have you ever traveled with young children?  It ain’t easy folks.  Trust.

So now that I’m here and bored have free time, I have found that there is a lot of greenery maintenance.  In other words, there is weeding to be done.  I have literally never weeded anything in my life.  First of all, I hate hard work I prefer to do my chores indoors.  Secondly, I’m mostly Irish, therefore the sun and I do not get along.  And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly here in the midwest, I DO NOT LIKE BUGS.  However, bugs seem to like me like a fat girl loves cake.

Despite all of these factors I braved the elements and weeded the garden.  I hacked up the bushes.  I swatted the mosquitos.  And I prevailed. *cue the dramatic music*  Do I get a badge for this?

And because this was such a monumental task (hey I hear you chuckling out there!) I asked for Captain America to help (but his real identity is kept hidden just like all super heroes-lol).  He kept saying “see mommy, you have to break the sticks like this *arrrrrrffffff* *snap* and then put it in the basket like this”.  Can somebody please send him to a lab?  Because I swear he was cloned from his father who just loves his garden.  Adorable in spades.

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    1. Since we practically have nothing here (I’ll be writing about that in another post), I don’t have much to do for the indoor chores. Its nice.

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