Halloween Hot House

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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  I’m not into the gory scary parts of the holiday.  I’m an actor at heart and I appreciate that you can dress up and become anything you want and get a prize over and over again for this!  Candy!  LOTS and lots of candy!  Plus, I love a good theme, so as a parent I enjoy trying to coerce my kids into theming their costumes.

Here are my munchkins as Batman, Robin, the Joker, Dorothy and little Toto (who has her head deleted from the photo because its impossible for 5 children to look good in one photo).

This is the Super Bowl for kiddos!  Does it get any better???

Brooklyn as Toto

Close up of Toto.  Best part about the costume?  It was free!  I had everything I needed already.  Sweet!

Brooklyn's 1st HalloweenIt’s my cross-eyed little lady rocking her 1st Halloween jammies.

The worst part about this holiday in California?  The HEAT.  It was 91 degrees on Halloween.  People, this is WAY TOO HOT for dressing up!  I had Batman and Robin commando under their crime fighting uniforms and even that was too hot.  The chocolate was literally melting in their bags in the short amount of time we were trick or treating in our church parking lot.  Unacceptable.

When do we get some fall weather??  Maybe by Christmas.  I hope.


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