Harvest Festivities

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*Warning: Full Blown Photo Dump Post*

Before my full time job as mommy, I worked in various retail jobs (as well as a plethora of other random jobs) since I was 17.  It took a toll on my joy for celebrations.  In other words, I began to hate holidays.  ALL holidays.  The commercialism of it all exposed the awful side of humanity.  I vividly remember a conversation I had with an elderly woman during the supposedly most wonderful time of the year and she was yelling at me.  YELLING.  I was actually trying to help her, but she just refused to listen.  These are the moments where you just want to curl up and go home.

After leaving my last retail management job, it took me YEARS to finally be ok with celebrating holidays.  To not hate their very existence.  Once I had children, I began to see the magic again.

Halloween has always had a fun place in my heart.  That might seem weird since I’m a Christian, but I’m also an actor, and what is more fun than dressing up, becoming another character and getting massive amounts of candy for it???!!! It’s a brilliant holiday I tell ya.

This Halloween season we tried to really live it up.  We wound up going to 2 pumpkin patches and going to our church for their annual trunk or treat event.


Checking out the petting zoo portion of the pumpkin patch






Little Rascal couldn’t get enough of all the animals.


Hey, I’m actually in the picture!  That’s such a rarity.  Too bad I didn’t put myself in a co-ordinating orange shirt.  Doh!

At the 2nd pumpkin patch/farm, the kids got to ride ponies.  They LOVED it.  Seeing their pure joy was priceless.





Little Rascal was so dazzled by the pony that I couldn’t ever get a good picture of him.

Next up, a huge tractor slide…





“Hey mom, I’m here too!”



Pumpkin patch to being a pumpkin.  Seems about right.  (Also, it was Little Rascal’s costume last year.  Score)


Its been a really fun time celebrating pumpkins and family time.

*Could I put the word pumpkin in this post anymore?  Pumpkin.  Oh Pumpkin spice is officially done for the season at Star-$$$.  So so so sad.  Bye Pumpkin Spice Frap!  I will miss you dear sweet friend!*




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