Honey Fest

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Its been a whirlwind of commotion here.  So I’ll try and catch you up in the order of events. First of all, we had the pleasure of participating in Honey Fest event that our new friends, Becca and Rory, threw.  They are new to bee keeping and held an affair at their house.


First on the agenda was a show and tell of the (empty) hive and the tools of the trade.  Becca’s friend Adam was the one giving the TED-like talk about the wonderful world of bees.  He had my attention the whole time, but my kids… not so much. Maybe next year they will find it as fascinating as mommy and daddy did. Here is Adam showing the lid to the square honey hive.


Do you see the many sliders? (not sure of the technical term but it slides into the box so we will go with that)


A new beeswax slider


Here is one that is fully functioning beeswax.  Notice the difference in color! IMG_1401

Here is Ariel feeling the new beeswax.  Be careful not to “smoosh” it!


Now she’s feeling the “after” beeswax.  So cool to see the work in progress.IMG_1408

Daddy showing Mr. Sunshine the cool beeswax slider


Let’s not forget the tools.  This one is to pry open the sweet hive (which looks like a mini crow bar) IMG_1418

Here is the smoker


And the hazmat type of gear a bee keeper wears in order to help prevent being stung.  Although, its still inevitable that you will get stung.  Turns out its much like training a dog.  The bees react to your calm domination while in their presence. IMG_1415

Hey mom I’m here learning too!


Next we went up close and personal to Becca and Rory’s live bee hive in their backyard. IMG_1422

Adam says that really you could put them anywhere, but I just love this site where the bees are surrounded by greenery.  Its a beautiful location. Look I was brave and got super close without gear!


I look nervous don’t I?  That’s probably because under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be within shooting distance with stinging bees.  But somehow I thought that beeing (yes it had to be done) with an official bee keeper somehow made it safer. Here is the opening where the bees come and go

IMG_1428 IMG_1429

So after the tutorial of how a bee keeper works, we were delighted to check out the actual honey from Adam’s hive. IMG_1434

You better believe I got a BIG jar!  Tasted a sample and it was sooooo good.  It had a hint of cinnamon to it as well.  Amazing. Next up was trying to make honeycomb candles.  We missed out on this affair because mommy and daddy were talking too much with other people.  Whoops.  But one nice kid offered Little Rascal a candle.  First he wisely inspected it…. IMG_1436

then…. CHOMP.


Sorry little rascal that’s not the part you eat! These are just the sorts of affairs that you just can’t get in the suburbs.  Thanks for the rural paradise Becca!


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  1. I’m gonna love this…you inspire me, I think I’ll write of my new adventure here in Missouri! Won’t be as fun as yours without kids adding to your day…but I’ll try…a truckerwife, KB

  2. You are un-bee-lievable!

    Okay, amazing would bee a better word, but I’m on a bee kick now :). Anyway, what a fun day! Wish I could see something like that some time but bee keeping doesn’t seem to bee a popular pastime in Awesometown!

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