Morning Manipulatives

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Ever since I’ve come home from Minnesota, its been an absolute whirlwind with my mind and body going a mile a minute for all things homeschooling.  As I mentioned before, I should have done the prep work earlier this summer, but never got the chance.  I’ll be doing things differently next year.

It is what it is, and we will be going on with a happy heart.  I hope.

And speaking of happy, in the last couple of weeks I have found a new happy place.


If you don’t already know, this is a teachers store where you can get SO MANY supplies.  Its overwhelming and exhilarating all at the same time.

For my first time, I was also dealing with this…


So my brain was a little fried before I walked into the air conditioned teachers paradise.


In fact, I loved it so much that I pretty much blew my budget out of the water pirate and canon ball style.  My receipt was spectacular.  I wasn’t so sure my hubby would be that pleased, but thank goodness he didn’t flinch.  It comes in handy that this homeschooling idea was his in the first place.  😉

Along with the items I had come for, a white board and book holders (one thing they didn’t have!), I managed to find a plethora of items that I just had to have.

After noticing my shy guy, Mini Man, gravitate towards the manipulatives at our co-op (which we are still on the fence about— more on that later), I decided that buying many different types of manipulatives would be a great way to incorporate the Montessori style of preschool that I had envisioned.

It worked like a charm!  Mini Man was especially thrilled at this new hands on learning adventure!


Hard to tell, but for him, this is happy.  *please excuse the crazy mess behind him*


They are loving their patterned stringing necklaces.

I won’t bombard you with endless pictures of their morning manipulative magic (I’ll spread the love through out the week).  But I will say that not only is this great for fine motor development, but its also great for independent play.  I put one type of manipulative game out for the little munchkins to learn play with, while I continue to get ready/prepare the lesson/drink my coffee.  This has become a win/win for sure.


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