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23 weeks pregnant.

Where in the world has the time gone?!  Summer just FLEW by!  There have been numerous birthday parties, a trip to visit Bradyn’s paternal grandparents, and just general chaoticness.  No that’s not a word, but it really should be.

Here are the things that I have become obsessed about.

Double strollers.  Anybody notice how many dang choices there are?  I’m definitely leaning towards a side by side, but I want to be able to use it for shopping, but ease of use trumps that I think.  Plus, those prices… gasp.  Out.of.control. 

Cloth Diapers.  Yah, yah, yah, I know.  I’m really not a hippy-granola-crunching- pot hemp-brownie making momma, but it sure does seem like that.  Well everything but the pot.  NO drugs people!  Just say NO!  lol  I’m not trying to save the planet, although that’s nice.  I’m not trying to save cash, although I really should.  The real reason that I might become a convert is poor Bradyn’s bum gets diaper rash like THAT.  We are currently using a brand name that has gotten some bad press about the chemicals that they use to make sure that they stay dry.  So I think we are going to try a couple of trials including ones from Jillian’s Drawers and Kelly’s Closet.

There are a couple that don’t come in either package but that I want to try like GDiapers and Softbums.

My husband isn’t convinced yet.  He still remembers cleaning his sisters cloth diapers in buckets and specifically how GROSS it was.  But these are your momma’s cloth diapers, so we’ll see.

Organizing the house.  Specifically my closets.  Have you ever seen the show Clean House on Style Network?  Well basically they take nice hoarders and take all of their junk, put it in a yard sale and then decorate their home with the money they earned.  The most awesome part of the show are the new closets.  They are gorgeous.  All the closets are from The Container Store.  Since my closets are atrocious, I decided that getting my closet organized should become top priority.  They helped design it and it will be installed later in October.  I am seriously giddly thinking about how my shoes and purses will be displayed and used more often because I can finally see them. 

Pregnancy Exercise dvd’s.  This time I vowed I wouldn’t gain an excess amount of weight, especially since I really didn’t lose ANY weight after having Bradyn.  I really couldn’t afford to gain any more than absolutely necessary.  For those of you who might be concerned, don’t be.  The baby is tracking a little bit bigger than average, so I think we are good, but thanks anyway.  So I started working out with an awesome set of videos that I “stole” from BabySteals and have been hooked about how I have been feeling so much better.  I can actually get up out of bed without my hips giving out on me every time.  I have more energy thoughout the day.  I generally have a better attitude.   Weird.

 Except that I would like to return to my pre-wedding figure please.  Pretty please???


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  1. ugh strollers. They are tough! Id go for a side by side, yeah you wont be able to take it shopping as easily, but they way stores crowd their floor space makes it almost impossible for a single stroller anyway. Plus you wont have the argument two years down the road of 'I cant seeeeeee!'

    Cloth diapers…SO easy. If I can do it, any one can. I mean sure, I accidently turned them pink, but they work. We still use disposables sometimes, and the combination has worked great for us. Do you know the only things that worked for Jacks diaper rash? Balmex, and cornstarch! Balmex for each change, then for bedtime we coat him in cornstarch down there, and it looks so much better just overnight. He gets wicked rashes too.

    I cant believe you are more than halfway with your second! Did you open that envelope yet?

  2. I'm currently researching double strollers myself. :-p What a pain in the hiney! I personally DON'T want the side by side becuz stores/shopping is where I'll be using the stroller the most and the aisles in the stores are so stinkin' TIGHT I can barely make it through sometimes with a single! LOL And I REALLY wanted to get teh Chicco double cuz i know for SURE my Chicco infant car seat will click into it (unlike a few others I've checked out) but the darn thing is like THREE HUNDRED BUCKS!!! Are they KIDDING?!?!?

  3. I love my side by side. It is lightweight and I took it everywhere. I put the boys in it and wore Alexis in the ergo. Now I don't know what I am gonna do. Are there quad strollers? haha! Good luck and happy researching!

  4. How many times can your husband work my dirty diapers into a conversation? Sheesh. Yes, I'm the little sister. I couldn't have been that bad. I mean, look at me now! I never stink!

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