One month

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So its already been a month.  A full month with our newest cutie-pie.  Honestly its like she has been here forever, yet we just met her yesterday.  Basically its been a whirlwind.  So what’s a newborn’s life like?

Well your brothers and sister shower you with love.  Here is your older brother taking care of you (and helping mommy in the biggest way!).


You get handmade gifts.  Big sister Class Prez made a book especially for little bits arrival.  Here she is getting read to by her personalized book.



You learn to socialize.  The Freshman already loves to be talked to.  Girl takes after me already!


Party all night sleep all day… with extra company like her aunt.



Occasionally you get a run by kiss by your older brother (hence the blurriness of the picture)



And lets not forget a girl has to venture out into the world.  Here she is at her first check up.  Diagnosis?  Perfection!



Also, its important to showcase our awesomeness to the great big world, so here she is at her first newborn shoot.  She is so fabulous she got not just one great photographer but two!


With all that is going on, The Freshman has to catch up on her beauty rest!



Wish momma was getting as much beauty rest……


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