Tips for traveling with small children

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We are back in the land of the bright and shiny, and the land is pretty warm too. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Which means to say that our vacation in “I don’t know how humans survive this!” weather in the midwest¬†is over.

This also means that we can put another badge on our parenting vest for “Traveled with Small Children‚Ķ. And We ALL Survived!” because really, it is a miracle. ¬†And these days its a miracle that we haven’t gotten kicked off the plane. ¬†We have 4 kids which means we have a 400% greater chance of landing in a non designated stop with only one family being personally escorted off the airplane.

One might conclude that I am either A) Amazing or B) Utterly Insane for all the traveling we do with 4 kids 5 and under. ¬†I’d like to think I’m a little bit of both. ¬†Having successfully managed this Mount Everest Parenting Task (MEPT), I’d thought I’d jot down a few tricks of the trade, in case you were thinking of being a bit insane too.

  1. The dollar store is your friend. ¬†I often go to the dollar store to pick up a few new toys for each of the kids and sometimes I even wrap them up to give them a few more minutes of play time (i.e.: not crying time). ¬†These new toys are fun to explore and keep them occupied for a little while. ¬†Plus they aren’t expensive (hello its a buck!) so if they lose it by the time we hit the runway I don’t care. ¬†Its worth every cent.
  2. Dum Dum suckers. ¬†Either at the dollar store pick up or at the local convince store I try to stock my diaper bag with a couple of dum dum suckers per kid. ¬†When you have an infant it is easy (or rather easier because nothing is really easy with a baby) to help their little ears with the pressure and flight/landing with nursing or a bottle or even a pacifier if they will take it (my 2 year old does when he wants to sleep so he took one and I didn’t care about the shame that my 2 year old still likes a pacifier). ¬†The bigger kids need something too, so I give them suckers during take off. ¬†The kids think this is the coolest thing since I never give them suckers otherwise. ¬†Its become our new tradition. ¬†And on this last flight I happened to have a bag of hard candies and a box of gum (I never seem to have these things on a regular basis so I’m convinced that it was an angel who placed these things in my bag), which was great for me because my ear was hurting so bad and the sucking and chomping really helped.
  3. Get the right bag/parent/kid combo.  If you are traveling with more than one kid and perhaps in more than one row, like us, this tip can really be beneficial.  I divvy up the carry on bags by which parent and which particular kid they will be sitting with.  For this trip daddy had the evens (#2 & #4) and I had the odds (#1 & #3).  Because daddy had the baby in his row it was important that he have the diaper bag, which had the bottles, formula, diapers, a few baby toys, and a blanket he needed to help him fall asleep (see tip #5).  I had the big kid bag which had the coloring books and crayons, dollar store finds (tip #1), snacks (see tip #6), and the IPad with a few pre-loaded shows.  You need to know which bag goes with which kid/parent set up.  If not done well, results could be disastrous.  You would hate to be the parent with the baby and no diaper.  Awful.  Plan ahead of time.
  4. Empty your sippy cups. ¬†I know it seems like a “duh” moment to say “Hey don’t bring any liquids!” on a plane since they aren’t allowed‚Ķ. for adults. ¬†However, they do allow certain things for kids. ¬†I have to bring bottles for my littlest so I can’t get away from bringing some liquid, but I have stopped bringing anything for the bigger kids. ¬†I have found it to be so much easier to have empty sippy cups to open and have ready for the regular drink cart round up. ¬†It helps cut down time with the TSA inspection, which can be such a drag. ¬†The flight attendents will fill up their sippy cups as much as you want and its plenty for the kids. ¬†Bonus, if you limit the kids liquid intake before the flight, the better chance you have of not having to enter the bathroom of shame that is located in the back of the airplane with your potty trained kid. ¬†Have you ever shared that teeny tiny space with another person?! ¬†Let me tell you, you will curse the cheeseburger, ahem, ok ok the many cheeseburgers that you have eaten and vow to start dieting immediately once you return to your seat. ¬†You will take a look into that low lit circus fun house mirror that resides in all planes, and wonder how did you get here as you are praying that your young child doesn’t lick anything while your butt is in their face at the attempt at giving her ‘privacy’. ¬†But I digress‚Ķ..
  5. Make sure to bring your child’s special nap time friend/paci/blanket. ¬†Whatever it is that your kid needs to fall asleep, bring it. ¬†This is for 2 very important reasons. ¬†One, you don’t want to put it into your checked baggage in case it gets lost and then you will be in a world of hurt for as long as it takes to get it returned to you, if it even does. ¬†Two, if you are flying during a nap time or on a red-eye, you want to give them and yourself a fighting chance at sleep. ¬†My 2 year old has a special tiger and when he doesn’t have it he will whine whine whine whine whine whine whine until he has it. ¬†Its dreadful. ¬†I can’t imagine what it would be like if I forgot it. ¬†*shudders* ¬†Don’t put yourselves or your fellow passengers in a torture tube. ¬†Bring the special things!
  6. Bring snacks! ¬†I can’t stress this one enough. ¬†Snacks makes everyone happy. ¬†Kids are entertained by food and when their bellies are happy, everyone is happy. ¬†Pack way more than you think you need, because suddenly they become ravenous creatures with a hollow leg. ¬†Imagine that they will eat the entire flight, because they just might.
  7. Fill up your freezer. ¬†This tip is for your return home. ¬†Before you leave, freeze any remaining milk and bread that you have left over that you couldn’t eat through before you leave for your trip. ¬†This is great for a couple of reasons. ¬†One, you don’t waste anything, which appeals to my cheap nature, and two, you have necessary items at home when you return. ¬†On flight days, from door to door, it can take up nearly the entire day, so the idea of getting home and having to turn right around to the grocery store is the worst. ¬†This time we froze our basics and simply pulled them out of the freezer and was able to survive for a couple of full days before we had to venture out for fresh food. ¬†It made our transition home oh so much easier. ¬†I highly recommend this.
  8. Make sure to bring cash or credit. ¬†In case you didn’t due your homework, the flights do have snacks and electronic devices that you can rent. ¬†Give yourself the option and get these things if you didn’t bring the necessary items.
  9. Have a sense of humor. ¬†Honestly, it is really really hard to travel with young children and sometimes the only way you can survive this crazy adventure is if you laugh at the insanity of it all. ¬†When there are rude people all around (and believe me they are ALL AROUND), or the flight attendants get snarky about¬†your ‘I thought the brochure said I should’ baby wearing, or the other passengers accidentally bump into your just-got-to-sleep-baby and woke up him up, the only thing you can do is either cry or laugh. ¬†I try to laugh. ¬†But don’t do it loud. ¬†Everybody freaks out at loud noises on planes.

These are simply tricks that have worked for us to streamline our travels with our young posse. ¬†These are also tips that perhaps you haven’t thought of. ¬†Got any tips to share that I might have missed? ¬†I would love to hear them!


New Year New Beginnings

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Today is the start of the new year. ¬†No big surprises that many people are resolving to implement new and life changing goals into their lives with this fresh start. ¬†I’m no different. ¬†Although I don’t usually have new years resolutions, I have decided to change my outlook on them due to some re-evaluation.

You see, for the past several months my family has had some turmoil. ¬†Not me and my Music Man or our children mind you. ¬†But family is family and sometimes their drama leaks onto your own messy life and somehow you have to find enough paper towels to clean up everybody’s mess, or at least enough to make sure that your own hands get clean. ¬†And in dealing with the sticky affair of other people’s sorrow, I have been unable to concentrate or fully be present in my own life. ¬†Some of this is a natural reaction, but some of it is not. ¬†I want to change that.

So here is a few thoughts I have for myself for this coming year.

1.  Do less.  Have less.  Acquire less.

I have realized that I busy myself so much that I don’t seem to have the time or energy to really be present with my most important life work; my kids. ¬†Often I find myself impatient or tired or an attitude of “please leave me alone” when I’m around these precious little ones. ¬†Granted, its normal and probably understandable that I might have these feelings, however I realize that I have had a part in my own grumpy attitude and needing to acquire more me time. ¬†I feel that if I can cut back on things, and more importantly the necessary bit of taking care of said things, then I would have more time and energy to spend quality time with my kids. ¬†Read to them. ¬†Play games with them. ¬†Go on a walk with them. ¬†Bake cookies with them. ¬†Whatever. ¬†Frankly it doesn’t matter. ¬†Although I’m a SAHM, I still feel like I miss it all. ¬†I’m too busy with cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. ¬†I’m drowning in all the stuff that doesn’t matter.

2.  Leave the drama for my momma

I’m a feeler. ¬†I always have been. ¬†I have a Bachelor’s degree in counseling. ¬†I’m an actor. ¬†I was an only child who spent her childhood very lonely and earned myself a very active imagination. ¬†Feeling is like breathing. ¬†Sometimes these traits are a blessing, and sometimes its a detriment to my soul. ¬†After a life changing year of being an RA in college, I realized that I couldn’t be counselor. ¬†Why? ¬†Because I would take home every sad, depressing, and heartfelt story and it would fester within me till it leaked out of my pores. ¬†I can not carry the weight of every one else’s problems. ¬†This doesn’t mean that I don’t care. ¬†On the contrary. ¬†It means I care too much. ¬†And since I can’t change this about me more than I can change my skin color, I’ll just eliminate drama as much as I can. ¬†If I can’t, I’ll simply turn my heart head away and focus on what’s important for me and my family. ¬†God, husband, children‚Ķ the good stuff.

3.  Less Facebook/Internet

Coming to Minnesota has helped cure some of my laziness and tv addiction. ¬†It helps when you just simply don’t have it. ¬†However, I still find myself wasting a lot of precious time randomly scouring the internet for goodness knows what. ¬†My face is in my phone while my kids are tugging on my pants desperately trying to get my attention. ¬†I need to scale down my distractions, and this is a big one for me.

4.  Make time for quality not quantity relationships

Living in 2 places sounds like an adventure. ¬†And it is. ¬†However, I have felt that instead of being connected and enveloped into 2 places, often times it feels like I am disconnected from 2 places. ¬†Connections and friendships are harder to maintain. ¬†I often wonder if I have friends at all most days. ¬†Sure, some of that comes with the stage that many of my peers are in with work, family, and school keeping us all busy. ¬†Its natural. ¬†But it’s still difficult. ¬†So for this next year, I’m going to keep my relationships simple. ¬†Quality over quantity.

Seeing a theme here? ¬†I’m aiming at a more minimalistic way of life. ¬†If that is even possible with 4 kids and husband!

2015 mantra… LESS IS MORE.


London Family Fog

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Turkey.  Stuffing.  Sides.  Pie.  Laughter.  Joy.

These are the things I look forward to during the lovely Thanksgiving holiday. ¬†Most of these things were served up and went down my gullet just fine.¬† Although, this year we departed from tradition and celebrated way too early. ¬†In fact, we ate our fancy feast the weekend after Halloween. ¬†We decided that it was more important that we were all together on this celebration than apart on the actual calendar day. ¬†However, along with the delicious food, someone decided to heap this onto my full plate…

Drama.  Chaos.  Internal Family Combustion.

Needless to say our Turkey day wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped for.

Since then I haven’t been able to concentrate or be creative in many ways. ¬†Perhaps this is the reason that every time I have tried to write a blog post, I seem to be unable. ¬†My mind goes blank. ¬†Thoughts drip out of my head like a leaky faucet. ¬†It doesn’t help that during my most potentially productive time, the kids are around and it makes it harder to shut them out focus.

When I’m able to process more and pull my head out of the fog, I’ll update you on what is going on. ¬†But until then, enjoy a couple of cute kiddos. ¬†I do.






Children’s Hunger Fund field trip

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Recently my baby girl and I participated in a field trip.  This field trip was more than your average learning experience.  This was our first venture into volunteering or more appropriately caled, serving.  Really, is there any other more important life lesson that we can teach our children?

We drove to a nearby city to do what we could for a great christian organization called Children’s Hunger Fun (CHF). ¬†Their ministry is to package dried fruit, rice, or other non perishables to those countries in need. ¬†For this go around we were packaging dried fruit for children in Haiti, whose lives have been destroyed by an earthquake, and Liberia, for those infected or trying to fight Ebola.

What none of us knew ahead of time was that a camera crew would be with us to film for their noon day humanities story.  Miss Ariel can be seen for just a moment, but mostly you hear her screaming due to all the fun she was having.  Did she help?  YES.  Did she get distracted?  YES.  Was she excited to help other boys and girls who needed assistance?  YES.  Was she exhausted by the end of the day?  YES.

Here is the clip that made it on to the local news. ¬†(sorry my host site won’t currently let me load a video)

Compassion.  Empathy.  Kindness.  Service.  Selflessness.  All of these character traits are taught and must be cultivated.  Some people are naturally gifted in this way, but ultimately we are all sinners who are selfish and unkind.  It takes discipline, faith, and a heart for the Lord to love others.  It is wonderful to be able to take the time to work this muscle alongside my sweet baby.

If we were to do just one field trip this year.  This would be it.

There is nothing greater than to Love God and then in turn love others just as Christ loved us.


Date night

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A couple of weeks ago Music Man and I made a plan.  We were going on a date whether it killed us.  We barely have time to sleep, let alone make time for one another.  But it truly is necessary.  Luckily for us we discovered a BOX FULL of gift cards.  We apparently had been saving them EVER SINCE WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED.  (Um, talk about hoarding.)

It was like a Christmas miracle.

We snagged an awesome last minute babysitter, and despite the hijinks that ensued that made her 45 minutes late, we were out the door. ¬†Because of my out of control insecurities (hello 4 babies worth of pregnancy fat, I’m looking at you), I actually cried saying “I don’t want to go. ¬†I look awful.” ¬†Guess my kids aren’t the only ones who throw temper tantrums and are ungrateful. ¬†My dear sweet hubby was a little frightened about his next move. ¬†Should he say “oh no honey, your fine!” of which I would vehemently deny. ¬†Should he give into my frustration and give up too? ¬†Or should he just smile, nod and quietly walk out the door in fear that I’ll turn my self loathing onto him?

He was wise and stuck with me on my emotional train and politely insisted that we go on a proper date. ¬†We tried to remember the last time when we got out of the house, sans kids, and just had an enjoyable time (not a Fundatory time mind you) with ONLY each other. ¬†We honestly couldn’t even remember. ¬†That’s a sad realization. ¬†We work so hard to have an enjoyable life and are too busy working to actually enjoy it.

We felt fancy by picking an often-a-wedding-venue restaurant to have dinner. ¬†It wasn’t in our quiet little town. ¬†It was new surroundings and unfamiliar territory. ¬†And it was completely free! ¬†Thank you gift card box!

We arrived and were transported into a fancy cocoon of coupledom.  The only tables they had were 2 seaters.


*terrible picture I know*

The waiter came by our table and we began chit chatting with him and disclosed that we had 4 kids under 5 and homeschooled them. ¬†He felt so sorry for us that the next time he came to our table he¬†gave each of us a glass of complimentary champagne! ¬†Guess it pays to live the life people envy‚Ķ. er, I mean a life that freaks people out. ¬†The best part? ¬†I wasn’t pregnant!!! ¬†Do you know what that means? ¬†I could actually enjoy that glass and I had a glass of wine with our gourmet meal! ¬†Amazing.

We got lost. ¬†We laughed. ¬†We relaxed. ¬†We enjoyed each others company. ¬†We ate delicious food (that I didn’t cook!). ¬†We experienced something new together.

These are the moments.


Fried eggs

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Crack.  Splat.  Sizzle.

Fried eggs.

THAT is what my brain is like these days.  My husband is in a very busy season.  He is working 7 days a week all day and into the late night.  He is surviving on coffee and sheer determination (me too).  I admire him.

Needless to say, when he is busy, I am busy. ¬†Very busy. ¬†Very tired. ¬†Very crabby. ¬†I can’t even make fully functioning thoughts most of the day. ¬†In fact, I’ve been trying to write this post for the past half an hour and I’ve only gotten this far because¬†I’m watching tv¬†I can’t keep a rational idea in my sleep deprived head . ¬†Daylight savings hasn’t helped either. ¬†The kids have adjusted faster than I have. ¬†My eyes open and my brain says “GET UP. ¬†WE HAVE WORK TO DO”, but my body has “SUN SUN GO AWAY COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY”.

I don’t know if you know, but kids are needy. ¬†*snicker* ¬†3 boys in diapers (don’t even talk to me about my failure to potty train my 3 year old! ¬†UGH), 1 crawling and constantly hungry baby, 1 sensory perception disorder kid,¬†1¬†homeschooled kindergarten and 0 help.

I’m tired. ¬†Scratch that. ¬†I’m exhausted. ¬†Scratch that. ¬†I’m like a car with the low fuel light on practically outta gas.

The silver lining is that this is a great time to lift up my husband to my kids and tell them often about the hard work that he is doing for them and for me.  It was precious to hear my kids praying and thanking God for daddy working hard for them.  Understanding that daddy is a man who works hard is a good example not only for them, but for their expectations in their future spouses.  Instead of moaning and grumbling about how hard it is for me (and it truly is) I tell my hubby thanks for working hard for our family.

But with him unavailable to help with the family, I’m not gonna lie, I have visions of nannies dancing in my head.

A stay at home mom can dream.


Harvest Festivities

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*Warning: Full Blown Photo Dump Post*

Before my full time job as mommy, I worked in various retail jobs (as well as a plethora of other random jobs) since I was 17.  It took a toll on my joy for celebrations.  In other words, I began to hate holidays.  ALL holidays.  The commercialism of it all exposed the awful side of humanity.  I vividly remember a conversation I had with an elderly woman during the supposedly most wonderful time of the year and she was yelling at me.  YELLING.  I was actually trying to help her, but she just refused to listen.  These are the moments where you just want to curl up and go home.

After leaving my last retail management job, it took me YEARS to finally be ok with celebrating holidays.  To not hate their very existence.  Once I had children, I began to see the magic again.

Halloween has always had a fun place in my heart. ¬†That might seem weird since I’m a Christian, but I’m also an actor, and what is more fun than dressing up, becoming another character and getting massive amounts of candy for it???!!! It’s a brilliant holiday I tell ya.

This Halloween season we tried to really live it up.  We wound up going to 2 pumpkin patches and going to our church for their annual trunk or treat event.


Checking out the petting zoo portion of the pumpkin patch






Little Rascal couldn’t get enough of all the animals.


Hey, I’m actually in the picture! ¬†That’s such a rarity. ¬†Too bad I didn’t put myself in a co-ordinating orange shirt. ¬†Doh!

At the 2nd pumpkin patch/farm, the kids got to ride ponies.  They LOVED it.  Seeing their pure joy was priceless.





Little Rascal was so dazzled by the pony that I couldn’t ever get a good picture of him.

Next up, a huge tractor slide…





“Hey mom, I’m here too!”



Pumpkin patch to being a pumpkin. ¬†Seems about right. ¬†(Also, it was Little Rascal’s costume last year. ¬†Score)


Its been a really fun time celebrating pumpkins and family time.

*Could I put the word pumpkin in this post anymore?  Pumpkin.  Oh Pumpkin spice is officially done for the season at Star-$$$.  So so so sad.  Bye Pumpkin Spice Frap!  I will miss you dear sweet friend!*




My best parenting resource

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Lately I’ve been encountering this new phenomenon.

People have been asking for my advice.  Mine.  *looks over shoulder*  Who me????

Grandmothers, friends, fellow homeschoolers….  They are all asking.  People think that I have something good to say about raising children.

Perhaps its because I have a lot of adorable munchkins and they are still alive and kicking, so I obviously know what I’m doing. ¬†Perhaps its because they act reasonably ridiculous sane in public, so I obviously got this parenting thing down. ¬†Perhaps its because I have a cherry smile on my face despite my constant sleep deprivation, so obviously I can function on coffee alone (actually that last on is on point). ¬†For whatever the reason, I must be giving off a “I’ve got this totally together peeps” aurora about me.


I have you all fooled!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you that my oldest is only FIVE.  So obviously, I DO NOT KNOW IT ALL.

But I know someone who does.

Jesus Christ.  And it is His Holy word that I take direction from.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

I take this verse pretty seriously because I take our faith and my kids faith seriously. ¬†If I’m not instructing¬†the basics (Jesus and His teaching), then life is worthless and meaningless and this is all for nothing.

And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

Deuteronomy 6:6-9

This is a HUGE calling to ALL parents. ¬†I must teach my children about the Lord at meals, during story time, during school time, while I’m tired, while they are misbehaving‚Ķ. through it all I must steer their heads and hearts back to the One who created them.

I love my chosen role as Mommy. ¬†But sometimes it is HARD. ¬†Like really really really hard. ¬†I’m tired. ¬†NO. ¬†I’m exhausted. ¬†They are tired and cranky and far from perfect adorable little rag-a-muffins. ¬†Folks, parenting is not for the weak. ¬†But I get up everyday and TRY. ¬†I work hard at keeping my cool (even when they are having full blown meltdowns), having patience (during major temper tantrums), disciplining in love (when my toddler refuses to eat), being consistent (even if I’m disciplining for the same infraction over and over and over again) and praying for God to give me His eyes to see my children, when my eyes and my heart are sinful and fail me.

So for whatever unknown reason these fellow in-the-trenches-care takers of small children feel compelled to ask for my opinions on child raising, I hope that I can use that opportunity to direct them to my greatest parenting resource.  The Bible.


A is for Apple (part 2)

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We decided to extend our normal one week per lesson into three.  Apples are a fun topic especially this time of year.  We began by picking apples while visiting an apple orchard.

Next, with daddy’s help, we made applesauce. ¬†Naturally.


They made some delicious applesauce that I like to think will last us for 6 months or more, but if Music Man has anything to do with it, it will be gone in half that time. ¬†That man likes his applesauce. ¬†ūüėČ

After some poking around on Pintrest, I discovered these two ladies, Megan at coffeecupsandcrayons and Katie at giftofcuriosity, who had the same idea.

Rotting Apples!

I am really excited to do hands on science with my preschooler and kindergartener so I was thrilled to discover this.  We did our own version.

First we got clear plastic cups to put our apples in.  Then I cut up 1 1/2 apples and the kids put in 2 slices into each cup.  They each had a turn in putting in each ingredient for each container.

Here is the list of items we rotted the apples in.

  • Air
  • Vinegar
  • Oil
  • Lemon Juice
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Milk
  • Dr. Pepper (any dark soda will do)
  • 7 up (any white soda will do)


Here it is on the first night (I didn’t take the picture right away like I should have. ¬†You can tell that the Vinegar is already starting to take action‚Ķ)


This guy liked checking out our experiment every night.


And here it is on night 4.  I had only intended it to go on for 3 nights.  Oh well.  Its hard to see but the apples definitely looked quite different from the last night to the first night.

Because I had the privilege of checking out the other ladies experiments, I knew what to expect with some of them, like the air causing the apple to shrivel up. ¬†But I wasn’t sure about everything‚Ķ.

Grossest color change?  Triple tie between Vinegar, Baking soda, and Dr. Pepper.

One I wouldn’t eat on a bet? ¬†Milk. ¬†It didn’t do anything to the apples (not really), but it congealed and that alone made me gag.

The one I would eat from night 4? ¬†7 UP. ¬†HANDS DOWN. ¬†It still looked delicious even! ¬†I couldn’t believe it.

The one I would do differently?  Lemon juice.  I only sprinkled it on instead of submerged it and it wound up looking nearly identical to Air.  I should have put a different citrus juice, like orange juice, and drowned the apple like the others.

The kids loved watching the different reactions.  It would have been fun to do this if my kids were older too so they could really examine and write down their thoughts on rotting.

Which ones would you change?


California boy fun

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*Warning to sensitive vegetarians.  This post contains graphic words about eating animals*

Out here on the west coast we are lucky to be near the ocean.  And you know what lives in the ocean?


My guy likes to hang out with his buddies and go lobster fishing in the dead of night. ¬†They leave around dinner time and don’t come home until 4 (ish) in the morning. ¬†Its a brutal time frame, but that’s when the biting is good for these creepy creatures¬†of the sea.


This particular catch was one of the BIGGEST lobsters I HAVE EVER SEEN.  It was amazing!


Here’s the fisherman in his natural habitat.


Looks like they caught their limit!  *7 a person*


Oh and a baby SHARK.  No no no he did not keep it!


Here’s the loot at home. ¬†The kids are always curious to see the still-alive lobsters.


They are listening to see if they can hear them breathing.  Or at least scratching the side of the cooler.  Which is totally bizarre and creepy actually.


Music Man has to keep them alive until he is ready to kill them (cuts off their heads and hands) and freeze the tails.

This is an activity I fully support. ¬†Fill up my freezer with lots of yummy lobster? ¬†Don’t mind if you do. ¬†ūüėČ