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So I had the privilege to go back to California for a good friend’s bachelorette party.  (thank goodness for mileage points!)  It was a complete surprise as to the days events.  I LOVE surprises!  Turns out we were chauffeured into downtown Los Angeles to hop on a double decker bus and go exploring the city.  I have lived in So Cal my entire life and I don’t think I have EVER just hung out in downtown LA.  Sure I have gone to a couple of events here and there, like a show, but have never spent any significant time there.  I mean, why would I?  I have always been told it was scary with muggers and other such unscrupulous individuals.  Plus, the smog is out of control.  Why yes, yes I was totally sheltered… why do you ask?

Anyway, up on that second story bus I got a new glimpse of my ‘hood.  I found and new love and respect for my city.


“peace!” *trying to really embrace the tourist approach and went for a japanese tourist*


Where it all begins (and that is especially true in my house!)



The famous Paramount water tower


These things are old hat to Music Man who works here on a weekly basis, however to this wannabe I still get a thrill out of seeing this beautiful symbol of stardom.  It’s not too late to be a famous actress is it?  I mean I’m only in my mid thirties…  *gulp*



Here is the Disney music hall.  Obviously something red carpet related was going on but who knows what specific event it was.  That’s the cool/ordinary thing about being in LA, this is a regular thing out here.  Both a marvel and familiar event around these parts.


The famous Hollywood walk of fame and what’s the most important star (or the most liked one I found on our path)?  Disneyland of course!

Next we toodled around town and caught glimpses of these fabulous areas


Why hello there famous depictions of famous things!


Probably the nifftiest Denny’s I will ever see


Los Angeles Post Office.  Fancy schmancy



Union Station

Our first stop off the bus landed us here


It was a cleverly disguised whole in a huge building that led you to a mecca of ethnic foods.  It was a feast for all of your senses.  One of my friends decided to try an authentic gyro and she marveled at its taste.  I merely had an apple from one of the small produce stands.  But let’s be honest.  What I really wanted was a churro, but surprisingly it wasn’t on anybody’s menu.  Can’t wait to go again and really try out some awesome food.

Got back on the bus and caught some more tourist areas






Um, sir you’re not supposed to be standing up on the bus.  But I’ll bet you got a nice shot!


Now why can’t all neighborhoods have lights drapped across from building to building?  Seems to me a great way to spruce up neighborhood morale (and perhaps the electric bill so that’s probably why not).  Still…. it’s so pretty.


I was amazed at the detailed art on some of the walls.  I also loved the detail on the paved street *not pictured*.  These people clearly cared about their neighborhood.  Love it.

After a while we got off the bus due to the zero shade and too hot combo which threatened to electrify my already looming caffeine withdrawl headache.  So we decided to jump ship bus and head around town via a 12 person cargo van.  Which, by the way, is something that my knuckle head husband has priced out just in case we need one.  Uh huh….

Onward and upward we pushed on and we decided to puruse how the other half lives in this famous fancy hood




I popped into a sweet kiddo clothing shop and nearly doubled over in sticker shock.  $400 for a 9 month old dress that some cute kid will no doubt poop and puke in?  NO thank you!

While we stopped for a bite to eat I caught a glimpse of this celebrity hot spot




Where all the celebs go to get caught being naughty.  Yes, sometimes they call up the paparazzi themselves.  As they say, any press is good press….. I guess.

And Minnesota wasn’t too far from my mind, not with this sign


I had a great time.  I acquired a new-found love and respect for my hometown.



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