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I’ve been a bit obsessive.  Ok a lot obsessive.  Homeschooling is on my mind constantly.  It’s honestly all I’m doing right now.

The reason why I’ve been non stop homeschooling momma is because I did ZERO prep work during the summer.  This is a major bummer about living in two different places.  Like regular public school teachers, homeschooling moms do their school year prep during the summer.  This is a brilliant plan that I am really wishing I had done.  Unfortunately I had all of my curriculum sent to California while I relaxed around on the farm.  Next year I think I will be doing things differently.

However, this isn’t next year, it is this year.  My first year.  A pivotal year.  An extremely important year.  A make it or break it year.

Can you hear me hyperventilating???

I’m starting my year while playing catch up, which means I’m working non-stop.  I’ve fallen asleep while sitting on the couch several times this week.  And I’ve gone to bed HOURS earlier than normal due to my narcolepsy.

On a positive, I’ve been able to bust out some of my fun crafty tools that I have never even used before like my laminator.  And oh boy, have I used it.  If my laminator could talk it would say “Goodness woman, please stop!”

Even though its been A LOT of work, I actually have been enjoying my time.  Parenting feels more intentional.  More purposeful.  Instead of constantly trying to figure out ways to be by myself (which is still awesome), I reassure myself that they need me more than ever, because I’m now teaching them.  Teaching them everything.  Holy cow.  Its intimidating and daunting.  But rewarding.

So with that being said, I’ll talk to you folks shortly.  I have some laminating calling my name.


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