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Now that we have begun our homeschooling journey, we should set some ground rules.  Like no pushing, interrupting, staying quiet during blanket time, and listening and following directions.

Great got that.  Now on to me.  What are my ground rules?  I know I should probably set a routine, but so far that hasn’t happened one day, and the next couple of weeks I have scheduled a couple of play dates with friends that we would like to reconnect with.  That will mean my instinct to school the kids in the morning will have to be regulated to the I’m-too-tired-to-work afternoon.  Not ideal, but doable.  Guess that is the beauty of homeschooling.

Now let’s factor in the dinners I haven’t really been cooking or the house I haven’t really been cleaning.  Yikes.

One of the reasons I haven’t been as task oriented is because here in California I have been finding it hard to sleep.  And according to my 2 year old baby abuser/playmate (Little Rascal and Mr. Sunshine are sharing a room for the first time, much to my dismay), I suspect that the entire family is having a difficult time getting and staying asleep.  Here we have the bright morning sun shining in and the sounds of traffic blissfully telling us that sleepy time is over.  Oh did I say blissfully?  I mean, unhappily waking our sorry tushes up.

So this morning I decided to make use of my way-too-early-for-kindness morning and actually get up out of bed instead of close my eyes tightly and pray for sweet sleep to find me again. [fyi it hardly ever works]  I sorted the mega pile of laundry and actually put a load in.  I completed a task!  I could be starting a new routine!  One where I actually accomplish something before the leeches arrive children punch the clock to their the day.

This was all before my little ones came out of their rooms.  Notice I didn’t say ‘wake-up’?  Yah, that’s because even in the wee hours of the morning Little Rascal is “entertaining” his baby brother by throwing things into his crib.  Folded clean clothes?  Yup, in the crib it belongs.  Stuffed animals?  You betcha.  Wooden blocks?  Oh yah those get chucked in there too.

Have I mentioned that we aren’t sleeping very well?


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