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One interesting observation about living in two different places is the vast difference in weather.  Since we have (so far) enjoyed Minnesota summers and California for the rest of the year, it seems like something is amiss.  You see Minnesota summers include a lot of thunder storms.  Which is why the place looks like a lush green blanket and makes our garden grow like its on steroids.  Frankly the deviation from the constant sunny California disposition is a welcome one for this Irish blooded fair skin lady.

During a California ‘winter’ we enjoy 85 and sunny without a cloud in the sky while wearing shorts and sandals.  Christmas is picnic weather.  Our Santa should be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and surfing to feel like it belongs.

So basically my seasons are totally flip flopped.  I feel like I’m experiencing a winter during summer and during my actual winter it feels like summer.  Weird.

Today is another rainy and wet day, so the boys decided to take advantage of our coldest months (for us) and play in the rain.


Traffic jam!



Look ma no jacket!  The craziest thing about Minnesota rain is that it isn’t always cold.  Totally bizarre.


Riding in the rain is a beautiful thing


Well except for those pesky mosquitos.


Hey my foot fits in here!

Might as well take advantage of the differences and enjoy the change of pace.  Even if it isn’t what it’s supposed to feel like.


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