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Well it seems that I very nearly have abandoned this blog now haven’t I?  Yes yes its been quite a long time.  Of course there are many reasons for that.  The usual 5 kids, living in 2 states have something to do with it.  But there is oh so much more.

I left you hanging with my biological dad drama.  Well good news!  I took the plunge and made arrangements and my hubby and I trekked across the country to make this long overdue introduction happen.

Denis and Kandi

I was surprised at the lack of tears I had.  I thought it would be like the reunion shows that litter television.  But we found ourselves in a comfortable place fairly quickly.  We have yet to figure out what I should call him however…. Dad doesn’t seem appropriate, but his first name seems not quite right either.  But now that we are building this new found relationship, I guess we have the time to sort out those details out.

We are lucky.  Most reunion stories don’t happen like ours.  However, there is always the other side of the coin, so to speak.  While most of the people in my life have been beyond thrilled for me and this adventure, there are still a couple of people who are not quite so happy for me.  I’m speaking of course about my parents.  They were beyond hurt and mad about this new development.  They were very hurtful to me throughout this process.  I’ve always been extremely sensitive and this one certainly takes the cake in painful conversations.  And unfortunately I have let it cloud my whole summer.  Just an undercurrent if you will, but it seems to always be there.

Also, moving from place to place is jolting for sure.  The kids and the hubby seem to take this change the easiest.  Perhaps because the children haven’t laid down too many ties just yet, and my husbands strongest ties are already here, but I seem to feel like the world is a bit off balance when I am far from my friends and all that is familiar.  Last summer I really embraced the newness this small town, mid west state had to offer.  Friendships began to really flourish.  I began to see the wonderful things it had to offer and looked forward to cultivating those ties.  But like the seasons, there is a time for growth and a time for decline.  And currently my enthusiasm garden has some weeds.

Hubby and I have also caught what the doctor suspects as The Whooping Cough.  Also known as The 100 day cough.  I’m currently at the end of week 3.  Let me tell you, thank goodness my kids have the vaccination for it!!!  I’m not one to get up all in arms about vaccinations or anti-vax, but I’m am positively gleeful that my kids have been spared from this horrendous illness.  My adorable 9 month old child would be beyond miserable at best and it could be lethal at worst.

All this to say, my brain is foggy, my heart is heavy and I’m having a difficult time smiling these days.  Probably because I’m too busy coughing.  But all is not gloom and doom.

This little guys vocabulary has exploded!  Before this cutie hopped on a plane, he was only saying “hi”.  Now he is saying complete sentences!  Including “more ice cream please!”.

Ben with ice cream

This little lady turned 7!  Here she bravely caught a field mouse.  I love the juxtoposition of her sweet tutu and a mouse.  Farm girl for sure!

Bradyn with a mouse

This adorable guy is going to kindergarten with mommy this coming fall and is already excited about using workbooks and ‘doing school’ even during these summer months.  Can’t wait to homeschool this studious little fellow.

Blake with chick

This blonde-y is enjoying his days filled with tickles, reading stories, and playing with the water gun outside.

Brian laughing

And this cutie pie has learned several new skills including crawling (including the downward dog yoga pose), making an excellent elephant sound, and eating her brothers superhero LEGO’s.

Brooklyn eating a lego

Perhaps this is also why my brain is loopy.  It’s a tough job keeping up with all of these cuties!


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