Teacher, Mommy ?

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I envisioned my kids going to school.  That’s what I always believed that I would be doing as a parent.  I went to school, my husband went to school, and practically everybody I knew went to school.  Made sense.

This is probably why I am creating a space that resembles a traditional preschool.  I know, I know, I really should stop this because its not in the spirit of homeschooling.  But the thing is, it is working for everybody.  The kids take me more seriously when we have “school”; blanket time which consists of weather, songs, bible, and a story before we move on to the activity and/or craft.

In fact, Ariel even calls me teacher during school time.  It cracks me up every time.  Although I probably should correct her, but what’s the point.  I am her teacher.  I am her mom.  I’m both.  It’s weird.  But its also great.

So here are a few morning manipulative fun times.


Tweezer/Color sorter



Bug sorter.  The boys were especially excited at the idea of playing with bugs, even if they were just plastic.



Someone is a perfectionist and a lover of working monochromatically.



Uh, make that two somebody’s.



We used our blanket as our “sea” and went fishing.



“I caught one mommy!”



And lets not forget about this cutie pie.  He likes to join us on our fun up until he lets us know that he ready for his nap, which is highly helpful to me.


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