The 4th for freedom

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Living here out in the country and feeling like you are starting over can be a bit depressing actually.  Luckily this summer has been quite a different experience.  Last year we barely knew anyone and this year we are making a community of friends.  

After several conversations of “oh your not doing anything either?” we decided to host a dinner.  Normally this type of thing both excites me and terrifies me.  I’m thrilled to socialize with friends but terrified to have them over because its a constant state of ‘shove it shove it shove it!!!’ of all the nasty clutter.  

We hosted a medium size gathering.  It wound up being 4 couples and all of our children.  Funny how on paper that seems like a totally reasonable amount of people, but in person it seems one bonk-on-the-head shy of mishap.  In spite of the recipe for disaster amount of small children gathered at one time, we all made it out alive.  

And earlier as Jeff and I did our best to scramble to prepare for this get together, I truly marveled at what a difference it was from living in California.  We practically have nothing here except for the basics.  At first it was shocking to live so sparse, but now it feels so liberating.  Clutter has been a pain in my arse my entire life.  I have come to the realization that I inherited the ‘hoarder’ gene.  *there’s no gene?  No you must be wrong.  All bad behavior is linked to a deformed gene and no one should take responsibility for anything anymore.* (dripping sarcasm here)

So despite the general “oh my goodness everyone will lose their appetite if they see the dust bunnies I have stockpiled in this house!” type of cleaning, there wasn’t too much to do.  

It was a revelation.  

You mean I don’t have to rapidly shove that pile of crap-o-la into the closet?  Or that pile of what-is-this-doing-here into the room we never show?  Or apologize profusely to obsessive compulsive friend who has precisely labeled everything in their cupboards?  Or just simply give up and say to myself “well I hope they like me anyway junk piles and all”.

The place simply was fine.  

You see I am a recovering hoarder and this was a taste of freedom.  Freedom from all the stuff.  All the mess.  All the junk that consumes you.  

So as we all gathered for food at the table, I stood in awe at how blessed we are.  New friends, family, happy healthy children.  Freedom from the stress of too much stuff.  What a joy.


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    1. Thanks! I live in both Ca and Minnesota. Kansas? Oh my that must be hard. I’ve driven through and it is flat as flat can be. How do you do it?!

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