Water play

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Day 2 went off without a hitch.  We began our MFW Creation day 2 with blanket time (calendar, songs, bible), then got to our craft.  On the 2nd day the Lord separated the water and the sky.


She apparently wanted the clouds to bring down the rain.  I thought this was brilliant, especially since we are in such a severe drought.  Yes Lord, please bring the rain!

I thought what better way to understand the sky and the water was…. to play with the water under the bright sunny sky.




Yes yes, I realize that I just mentioned our severe drought.  I justified this perfect hands on activity by saying that it was nearly 100 degrees (and hotter the next day and its expected to get even hotter than that tomorrow.  I’m sweating just thinking about it).  Plus, I figured with water play I didn’t have to give them a bath.  Justified.

I’m thrilled that everybody is excited about school so far.  Luckily the first week is an easy cake walk for both teachers and students to ease into school.  This makes it effortless to get all the kids enthusiastic to learn.  Granted they are doing water play in the baking sun and who wouldn’t be happy doing that?


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